About us

Menzies Aviation (Czech) has been operating in the international airport in Prague since 1991, at first as Czech Airhandling and then Czech Ogden Airhandling, before being acquired by John Menzies Plc in 2000 and becoming part of its Menzies Aviation division.

  • 1991 - Foundation of Czech Airhandling company
  • 1992 - The US Ogden Ground Services joined Czech Airhandling to form Czech Ogden Airhandling joint-venture company.
  • 2000 - Menzies Aviation acquired Ogden Ground Services, including Prague station
  • 2012 - Menzies Aviation (Czech) have acquired Prague Airport Ground Handling Unit under the name Czech GH

We have successfuly passed IATA ISAGO certification in 2012 . IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) aims to improve safety and cut airline costs by drastically reducing ground accidents and injuries.
Overall, we and our partners will benefit from:
-         Safer ground operationsElimination of redundant audits from airlines
-         Reduced cost: less damage and less audits
-         Uniform audit process and harmonized standards
-         Improved safety oversight
-         Harmonized auditor training and qualifications
-         Improved quality standards
-         Enhanced understanding of high risk areas within ground operations
ISAGO certificate